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New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise

New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise

P.O. Box 554
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


What NJCAAN Has Been Doing

Since 1989, NJCAAN has been working to prevent, reverse, and mitigate the onerous environmental impacts of the aviation industry. We have:

  • Addressed major Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airspace restructuring project such as:

    • The Expanded East Coast Plan (EECP)
    • The Metro Airspace Redesign

  • Addressed Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANY&NJ) proposals and projects.

  • Proposed our own professionally designed Ocean Routing plan to significanly reduce aviation noise pollution across New Jersey. In addition, rented a 747 to host elected officials and the press on a successful test flight that demonstrated the benefits.

  • Educated the public and their elected officials on the health and economic costs of aviation pollution.

  • Worked with similar organizations across the country and internationally.

What You Can Do Right Now

A simple but important action is to formally notify public officials of your aviation noise issue:

  • File a formal complaint with:

    • The FAA Eastern Region via their email.
    • The PANY&NJ via their online form.
    • The PANY&NJ via their hotline: (800) 225-1071.
  • Write to your Federal elected officials:

    A single page typewritten letter sent via USPS to their Washington, DC offices is the most effective approach.

Please consider the following:

  • Be specific as possible regarding the time, type of aircraft (e.g. commercial jet) and flight pattern (e.g. arrival or departure) causing the problem.

  • Although relief is not assured, the FAA and PANY&NJ are required to keep a record of noise complaints and are highly sensitive to increased numbers of complaints from citizens.

  • It is more important to file periodic complaints and to organize your neighbor to do likewise rather than constantly file a complaint yourself.

  • A useful reference in understanding your particular situation is the PANY&NJ flight tracker

  • When writing a letter or email, add "CC NJCAAN" and forward the original and the response to us.

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